Tipografia Sperimentale
Agnes den Hartogh
Via Frattavecchia - Casamaggiore 11
06061 Castiglione del Lago (PG)

'Agnes' workshop was very interesting. My normal work is small scale in pen and ink and very often quite detailed - so using these printing techniques I was well out of my comfort zone - but Agnes was always helpful and enthusiastic. I would thoroughly recommend it especially if you're looking to try out something totally new or different to what you've done before.!'
Rowland Jones (more>>)

" What's nice about all these experimental printing: everything goes back to the basic principle of things as a child I ever did: with the flat side of a pencil, a penny 'covers', with a potato and a dangerously sharp a knife stamp ... With the resources, material and opportunities Agnes has handed me, I'm in a very different way and is very versatile and went back to work continue to build on principles from my childhood. It is amazing what there are so many different materials all possible!!"
(Student, 54 years)